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Welcome/Staray Mashay to Pakhtun.com

Here you will also find a collection of articles about the Pakhtuns regarding their origins, history, culture and traditions known as the Pashtuns/Pashtoons or Pathans, are also known as Pakhtuns or Pukhtuns where they live.

About Pakhtun.com

Native Pakhtun Areas

The main idea for Pakhtun.com is  to introduce to the world this great nation currently under siege of religious fanatics. The Pakhtuns or Pashtuns (for people having difficulty pronouncing the harsh kh' sound similar to the hebrew ch from the base of the throat), are also Afghans. The Pashtun (Afghan) are native to the red shaded area of the map to the right. As you can see the Pakhtuns can be found in and originate from Afghanistan to present day north western Pakistan. In Pakistan they live mostly in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa or Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa formally known as the North West Frontier Province. As the world has become smaller the Pukhtuns have moved out and are found to be scattered through out India and other parts of the world.

Here you will also find a collection of articles regarding the history, culture, traditions and origins of Pakhtuns/Pashtuns/Pushtuns/Afghans. As the deeply engraved tradition (code known as Pakhtunwali/Pakhtoonwali) of hospitality in our culture of Pakhtuns dictates, you are most welcomed and always invited to join us in our web forum "da Pukhtano Majlas."



About Pakhtuns Pashtuns or Afghans

The section About Pakhtuns is not only dedicated to the past with articles regarding origins, history, traditions and culture of the Pakhtuns, Pashtuns or Afghans but also with articles regarding current events shaping the world of Pakhtuns today.

Feel free to contribute your articles for which we are always grateful but also take time to read and comment on existing contributions. We have a wide collection of articles and would request you to share your opinions with us. You can also post to an article by leaving comments(which must be verified by you, by accepting a confirmation email sent to your mail box) or comment on already existing comments.

If you would like to share with us and the world any article you may have written please use the Contact Us page for instructions on how to send them to us .

Of course you are encouraged to join our webform "da Pukhtano Majlas" and start topics and discuss what is already there.


Web Forum "da Pukhtano Majlas"

Pakhtun.com and its web forums "da Pukhtano Majlas" are meant for those Pakhtuns and friends of Pakhtuns (aka Afghans) who are desirous to reform the Pashtun society and want to contribute to bring positive changes in Pashtun society.

Our goal is concentrating on Pashtun Society, Pashtun Community and Pashtun individuals whether he/she is citizen of Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, USA, UK, Europe, Africa, Australia, India or any other country of Asia to educate them, to reform them and to make them role models for other people of the world. We will remind Pashtuns of their great past and to rebuild their present and future as a great race, people, nation and society of the world.

Our approach is self reformation, education, change, development, realism inspired from idealism, pragmatism and not blaming other agencies, agents, countries, people, forces and persons for our own pitfalls.

All Pakhtuns and non Pashtuns friends through out the world are requested to join us whole heartedly in a positive and constructive way so that we can bring the desirable change in Pakhtun society, to rescue Pakhtuns of the quagmire of they have fallen nowadays and to make them once again among the greatest people of the world.


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